About TRES4

TRES4 is a dynamic, open and enthusiastic organisation being specialized in wind turbine blade designs.

TRES4 is characterised by a limited amount of customers for longer term commitments and relations.

Our knowledge foundation dates back to blade manufacturer Aerpac in the Netherlands and is marked with more than 12 years of experience in composite products.

Our organisation consist out of the following disciplines:

  • Aerodynamic blade design
  • Blade load calculations
  • Structural design
  • Materials and testing

Our employees always cover more than one discipline.

A theoretical solution with a practical approach, this is what we offer!

Working approach of our challenges

TRES4 searches for engineering solutions with several software packages specially designed for wind turbine blades. Partly these are inhouse developments and partly supplied by knowledge institutes.

For maintaining a state of the art design technology we cooperate closely with process and production engineers on one side and research institutes on the other side.

TRES4 tries to find the optimum balance between the different design aspects, including production process and costs of energy.

Since 2011 Tres4 B.V. is merged with We4Ce B.V. Tres4 B.V. will execute the rotor blade design activities for We4Ce B.V. We4Ce B.V. will use Tres4 as the brandname for rotor blade designs.